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Fefe Dobson - This Is My Life [album Version] Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:This Is My Life [album Version]
Album:Sunday LoveGenres:Rock
Year: Length:224 sec


I Know It&ampapos;s Me
who Always Leaves You Stranded
we Are Always Apart
i Know You Hate This
but Please Don&ampapos;t End It

there Must Be Away
i Wish I Could Stay

when I Met You
i Was Barely Living
i Was Lost In The Dark
but With The Love
that You&ampapos;ve Been Giving

i&ampapos;m Back From The Dead
with You In My Head

(Because) When I Look In Your Eyes
i Know You Understand
that Good Things Always
seem To Slip Right Through My Hands
and Everything But Love
is Just Grains Of Sand
but With You This Is My Life
here With You This Is My Life
this Is My Life

all Day Long I&ampapos;m Ok
while I&ampapos;m Working
but It Hits Me At Night
when Every Part Of Me
for You Is Hurting

i Go Through Withdrawals
i Love You That&ampapos;s All


why Does It Always
have To Be Like This
always Desperate
in A Goodbye Kiss

now I&ampapos;m Back From The Dead
with You In My Head


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