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Kinks - The Berkeley Mews Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:The Berkeley Mews
Album:The Kink KroniklesGenres:Classic Rock
Year:1972 Length:160 sec


The Leaves Of Brown Came Falling Through The View
in Berkeley Mews, I First Met You
i Staggered Through Your Chilly Dining Room
in Berkeley Mews, I First Met You

your Kitchen Sink Was Cluttered Up
so I Couldn't Shut It Up Forlornly
i Brewed Another Cuppa Up
and Tried To Sneak Out Early In The Morning

i Thought You Had Much Better Things To Do
in Berkeley Mews, I First Met You
drowned My Conversation With Champagne
and Berkeley Mews Was Not The Same

i Thought You Were An Intellect
but Now That I Reflect, You Left Me Reeling
you Made Me Drink A Toast
and When You Finished I Was Looking At The Ceiling

the Floods Of Tears I've Wept Thinking Of You
remind Me Of That Night In Berkeley Mews

you Know That You Left Me Broken-Hearted
berkeley Mews


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