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John Lennon - Meat City Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Meat City
Album:The Very Best Of John LennonGenres:Pop
Year:1998 Length:171 sec

Lyricist: John Lennon


Well I been Meat City to see for myself
Been Meat City been Meat City
Just got to give me some rock 'n roll

People were dancing like there's no tomorrow
Fingerlickin chickinpickin Meat City
Shookdown U.S.A. Pig Meat City

Well I been the mountain to see for myself
Been the mountain been the mountain
Got to give me some rock 'n roll

Snake doctors shaking like there's no tomorrow
Chickkinsuckin mothertruckin Freak City shookdown U.S.A.

Well I'm gonna China to see for myself
Gonna China gonna China
Just got to give me some rock 'n roll

Well the people were jumping like there's no tomorrow
Chickinsuckin mothertruckin Meat City shookdown U.S.A


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