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1 - 13 I Hate Everybody Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:13 I Hate Everybody
Album:It's Five O'Clock SomewhereGenres:Hard Rock
Year: Length:280 sec


They filled me full of promises
Till it burned the roof of my mouth
I thought these jokers were my friends
Until they sold me out

Speed freaks at my door
It's all the same to me
Everybody's barkin' up the same ol' tree


I hate everybody but you
An' it won't get better soon
You rub me all the right ways baby
You'll probably screw me too

When you were told you're too old
To strip to pay the bills
You moved in with your loser friends
So you could take designer pills
Take it how you want it
Scream that you were framed
'Cause you beat
My sister's looks and all
But the sex is just the same


Give it up
You still want more
I'll fight you to the end
You still want more

I put my heavy faith
Into a karma sucker's safe
Give it up
Give it up
Ooh yeah!


I hate everybody but you
Seems no matter what I do
I can't help feelin' paranoid
Of what's in it for you


I hate everybody but you
But I got no one else to turn to
If I end up getting screwed
Well, I might as well get screwed by you


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