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David Lee Roth - Hina Lyrics - Zortam Music
Year: Length:282 sec


Those eyes burn holes

Into the starry night

And when her sleepy eyes

Are open wide

You can fairly dance beneath her light

And I'd love to get to know the natives

But I'm only flesh and blood

She'll share your joys

But not your sorrows

Mistress of the coming flood.


Cool upon the silent sea

Isn't she the moon queen


Whispering, In my dreams

You must come back to me

And the tides rise and a distant sigh

Falls on deaf ears

Her vision makes you every inch a king

King for a million years

And she loves you when you're leavin'

And she'll leave you if you stay

She says...

"Don't tell me that you love me

You'll hate me for hearning it

When I drift away."


I can hear you softly cry

Your storms and lullablies


I'll whisper in your dreams

Till you come back to me.

Come back

But she will never stay

Come back

And you must never wait...,

Never wait. Never wait. Never wait.


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