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Song:Watcher Of The Skies - Digital Remastered 2008
Album:FoxtrotGenres:Progressive Rock
Year:2009 Length:442 sec


Watcher Of The Skies Watcher Of All
he Is A World Alone No World Is His Own,
he Whom Life Can No Longer Surprise,
raising His Eyes Beholds A Planet Unknown.

creatures Shaped This Planet's Soil,
now Their Reign Has Come To An End,
has Life Again Destroyed Life,
do They Play Elsewhere, Or Do They Know
more Than Their Childhood Games
maybe The Lizard's Shed Its Tail,
this Is The End Of Man's Long Union With Earth.

judge Not This Race By Empty Remains.
do You Judge God By His Creatures When They Are Dead
for Now, The Lizard's Shed It's Tail
this Is The End Of Man's Long Union With The Earth.

from Life Alone To Life As One,
think Not Your Journey Done
for Though Your Ship Be Sturdy, No
mercy Has The Sea,
will You Survive On The Ocean Of Being
come Ancient Children Hear What I Say
this Is My Parting Council For You On Your Way.

sadly Now Your Thoughts Turn To The Stars
where We Have Gone You Know You Never Can Go.
watcher Of The Skies Watcher Of All
this Is Your Fate Alone, This Fate Is Your Own


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