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Song:Look At Me Now
Album:Tradition LivesGenres:Country
Year:2016 Length:255 sec

Lyricist: Mark Chesnutt


[Verse 1]
Playing in the motel room with nothing but a guitar for a friend,
Just staring at the T.V, watchin' reruns with the channels now and then,
Contemplating all the complications of the situation I'm in,
While the couple in the next room on their honeymoon are goin' to town again.

Cover up the curtains tighter, trying to keep out any light that might leak inside,
So I can keep pretendin' it ain't Noon, it's the middle of the night,
Brush my teeth outta habit, even tho I haven't smiled in some time,
Watchin' it and chewing on It's gonna be in my head for a while.


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