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Bruce Springsteen - Bruce Springsteen - Growin` u Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Bruce Springsteen - Growin` u
Album:Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.Genres:Rock
Year: Length:206 sec


I Stood Stone-Like At Midnight, Suspended In My Masquerade
i Combed My Hair Till It Was Just Right And Commanded The Night Brigade
i Was Open To Pain And Crossed By The Rain And I Walked On A Crooked Crutch
i Strolled All Alone Through A Fallout Zone And Come Out With My Soul Untouched
i Hid In The Clouded Wrath Of The Crowd, But When They Said, 'sit Down,' I Stood Up
ooh... Growin' Up

the Flag Of Piracy Flew From My Mast, My Sails Were Set Wing To Wing
i Had A Jukebox Graduate For First Mate, She Couldn't Sail But She Sure Could Sing
i Pushed B-52 And Bombed Them With The Blues With My Gear Set Stubborn On Standing
i Broke All The Rules, Strafed My Old High School, Never Once Gave Thought To Landing
i Hid In The Clouded Wrath Of The Crowd, But When They Said, 'come Down,' I Threw Up
ooh... Growin' Up

i Took Month-Long Vacations In The Stratosphere, And You Know It's Really Hard To Hold Your Breath
i Swear I Lost Everything I Ever Loved Or Feared, I Was The Cosmic Kid In Full Costume Dress
well, My Feet They Finally Took Root In The Earth, But I Got Me A Nice Little Place In The Stars
and I Swear I Found The Key To The Universe In The Engine Of An Old Parked Car
i Hid In The Mother Breast Of The Crowd, But When They Said, 'pull Down,' I Pulled Up
ooh... Growin' Up
ooh... Growin' Up


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