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Donna Fargo - What Will The New Year Bring? Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:What Will The New Year Bring?
Album:The Best OfGenres:Kerst
Year: Length:128 sec

Lyricist: Donna Fargo


This Past Year Was Good To Us The One Before Just A Little Rough

the One Before That Was An Awful Thing What Will The New Year Bring

will It Bring Us A Little Boy To Fill Our Lives With Love And Joy

we've Had Our Share Of Growing Pains What Will The New Year Bring

you're Still One And One Makes Two Now One And One Make One

i Hope You Will Love Me Throughout The Year To Come

we've Made Our Mistakes With Love We Learned That It Can't Promise Us

tomorrow And Forever Things What Will The New Year Bring

wish I Hadn't Read Our Horoscope Things Look Stormy For Scorpios

virgo's Posed To Sprout Their Wings What Will The New Year Bring

will You Want Me To Love You The Way You Know I Do

and Will You Walk Through Life With Me Another Year Or Two

or Three Or Four Or Five Or Six Hundred Years Or More

happy New Year Darling For Whatever Is In Store


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