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Cliff Richard - Don
Song:Don't Talk To Him
Album:40 Golden GreatsGenres: 
Year: Length:189 sec

Lyricist: Cliff Richard


If some guy tells you I don’t care
And tells you lies while I’m not there
Don’t talk to him

And if he tells you I’m untrue
Then darling here's what you must do
Don’t talk to him

And if he tells you I’ve been seen
Walking round with Sue and Jean
He’s lying again
Do anything that you want to
But darling this I beg of you
Don’t talk to him

If you hear the words he has to say
He’ll break your heart
Let your love for me prove strong while we are far apart

So just remember what I say
And trust in me while I’m away
For I’ll be true
And just remember my true love
Is brighter than the moon above for only you
And if this guy should try to say
My love for your is only play, merely a whim
Just close your eyes and count to ten
Think of me again
But don’t you talk to him

Repeat Chorus


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