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Bruce Springsteen - 13. Sad Eyes Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:13. Sad Eyes
Album:18 TracksGenres:Rock
Year:1999 Length:230 sec


Every Day Here You Come Walking
i Hold My Tongue, I Don't Do Much Talking
you Say You're Happy And You're Doin' Fine
well Go Ahead, Baby, I Got Plenty Of Time
sad Eyes Never Lie
sad Eyes Never Lie

well For A While I've Been Watching You Steady
ain't Gonna Move 'til You're Good And Ready
you Show Up And Then You Shy Away
but I Know Pretty Soon You'll Be Walkin' This Way
sad Eyes Never Lie
sad Eyes Never Lie

baby Don't You Know I Don't Care
don't You Know That I've Been There
well If Something In The Air Feels A Little Unkind
don't Worry Darling, It'll Slip Your Mind

i Know You Think You'd Never Be Mine
well That's Okay, Baby, I Don't Mind
that Shy Smile's Sweet, That's A Fact
go Ahead, I Don't Mind The Act
here You Come All Dressed Up For A Date
well One More Step And It'll Be Too Late
blue Blue Ribbon In Your Hair


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