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Song:Medley - Salty Dog - Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
Album:Live - 2-5-82 Memorial Coliseum, University of AlabamaGenres: 
Year: Length:170 sec

Lyricist: Alabama



i'm In A Hurry To Get Things Done
oh I Rush And Rush Until Life's No Fun
all I Really Got To Do Is Live And Die
but I'm In A Hurry And Don't Know Why

don't Know Why
i Have To Drive So Fast
my Car Has Nothing To Prove
it's Not New, But It'll 0 To 60 In 5.2


can't Be Late
that Leaves Me Plenty Of Time
shakin' Hands With The Cops
i Can't Stop, I'm On A Roll And Ready To Rock


i Hear A Voice
it Says I'm Runnin' Behind
i Better Pick Up My Pace
it's A Race And There Ain't No Room
for Someone In Second Place




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