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Song:During Rem
Album:In The Year 2525 The RCA Masters 1969-1970Genres:Oldies
Year:2016 Length:237 sec


Sit down, lend me your hearing
Lean back in your chair
Last night, I had a dream
You were there
You were floating, floating on lily pads covered with roses as dragonflies pulled you somewhere

During rem I saw you when you're not what you're trying to be
I saw we I am what I'm not trying to be
I heard someone crawling one day my ran to they'll saw
It was we
'Help me' I cried

Wake up, wake up
My west clock called out to me
Jingle jangle, soon it will be
Monday morning and the world will be mourning
For the day it had just grown away
Someone took, but no one gave
And in vain my tears turned to stains on the page

During rem is the only time I can find peace of mind
During rem is the only time I am not one
During rem I see you, I see me, I see them
As we really are not as we really are not who-ooh

'Wake up, wake up
Hey, wake up Rick. Wake up, wake up. Hey, wake up'


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