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Album:In The Year 2525 The RCA Masters 1969-1970Genres:Oldies
Year:2016 Length:147 sec


Bayoan, packing my things it'll wrinkle 'round the side
Bayoan, I think I might but then again I think I won't think about coming back
Think about that
If you're going to bawl some, I'll stick around and watch your mascara run

Bayoan, give me back the hub cap off from your wall
Bayoan, give me back the hawk that I killed last fall
I'll take that jar of shiny dimes, we were saving for our time

Bayoan, thanks I'll do my laundry on my own
Bayoan, think of me when you start them grits and beans, all alone
I must admit I'd wish you'd said 'Won't you stay one more day?'


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