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Song:I Remember Heide
Album:In The Year 2525 The RCA Masters 1969-1970Genres:Oldies
Year:2016 Length:143 sec


Love was all around
Warm was the only sound I could hear
When Heide was near
Now that she's not around
Cold is the only sound
Black is the colour of my day

I remember Heide
And the summer morn' we played love's games
And in the sand we would run hand in hand

I remember Heide
I could touch her any time, any place
She just sighed, pulled me close
And we'd run off somewhere and make love
And that's the way it should be

I remember Heide
I can see her eyes
Her lashes too, like tiny ribbons 'fraid
I remember Heide
On yesterday pages she wrote to me
Some happy hours
She said she loved me
Heide loved me


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