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Song:Reginald Ludwig
Album:In The Year 2525 The RCA Masters 1969-1970Genres:Oldies
Year:2016 Length:217 sec


Well, congratulations Reginald Ludwig
On five 5,000 shares of a PMV
You're looking good when you're shining your car, Mister Ludwig
Sit tall so the whole wide world can see-you driving
Down the road to fame and fortune

Hey-hey-hey, Reginald Ludwig
I hear you got a seven bedroom goldfish bowl
You got a 350 horsepower tractor lawnmower
Sit tall so the whole wide world will show-your mowing
Down the grass your yard, man that is

You got a real fine wife Mister Reginald Ludwig
She's got manners and boys and all the other good things
When you take her to church Mister Reginald Ludwig
Sit tall so the whole wide world can see-you praying
See you sitting with a lovely woman at your side

I'd like to ask you a question, Reginald Ludwig
It's about the shares on a PMV
Where'd you get all that money to buy Mister Ludwig?
You better hide your head so no one will see-it came from
A little bit of cheating on your income tax
Of course you will get your payback back
Or maybe you'll just forget about that
Kinda like you did a couple years back

Now about your luxuries, Reginald Ludwig
Talking bout that 350 horsepower lawnmower
What's wrong with a simple little monkey woods chick
How strong do you think a blade of grass can grow-come on now
You bought it because your neighbors have one
And you ain't got no soul

Hey-hey-hey, Reginald Ludwig
I'd like to tell you something that I hope you'd understand
You've been a-pecking your wife for such a long, long time
She's been coming to see your hard working your land-excuse me please
While I grow until some soil
I think about a-owning that goldfish bowl

Come on, Ludwig
You're on cement, Ludwig
O'er the trees
The neighbors' kids
Come on, Ludwig
Mow, mow, mow, mow, mow, mow
Oh, Ludwig


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