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Song:25 Lighters
Year: Length:561 sec


Hold up Z-Ro the crooked AKA king of the ghetto
Screwed Up Click soldier for life
You know what I'm talking about?
Mo' City stand up in this motherfucker
You know what I'm saying?
My nigga Grady in this bitch. What's up my nigga?
Huh, inside out, that boy Harv done touch ground
Hold up man. You know what I'm saying? Ridgemond for life
Ridgemond riders nigga Ridgemond hard heads
Huh, y'all feel me man, rest in peace to that nigga Jody
That nigga LL man. You know what I'm saying?
Shit man it's fucked up man
Rest in peace to to that nigga E-mo
We gon' hold it down. You know what I'm talking about?
And that's real talk

25 Lighters on my dresser, yes sir
Got a bad black bitch that drives a black Kompressor
You know I'm smoking on that herb
Every damn day just to calm my damn nerves
Screwed Up Click ain't never gon' switch
Nigga build a ditch for a motherfucker snitch
Talking to the laws given up info
Catch me at the pad black lamp or smoking indo
Sipping on drank on a whole liter
This for nigga moe I got a 9 millimeter
And a .45 I'm a keep it live
In 08' like I did in 95'
That was the year I made it clear
Wrecking on the microphone to get away from here
I'm reppin' for the south with diamonds in my mouth
And diamonds on my hands &; diamonds in my house
Shining so bright Even in the night
Smoking on kush. What the fuck is top flight?
I'm only on the good, bitch I wish you would
Keeping it all world y'all keeping it all hood
Trying to get paper pull another caper
Man my house is suave something like Tony Draper
Got to get my mill from my record sell
This time last year I was in a jail cell
Waiting for commissary waiting on mail call
Man I can't wait 'til I get free cause I'm a ball
Put it in they face free my partner Grace
What's up to that Los what's cracking cause I'm straight lase
What's up to that Pokey
What's up to that Woodey
Always kept it real never act like they ain't know me
Soldier boy love Z-Ro is who I am
Back in the days signed with that x band
Me in that phat & that Street Military
R I P Maleak in the day in the cemetery
But it ain't over chip on my shoulder
Catch me brand new candy blue range rover
Rollin' to the end my skin is my sin
And like Lil' Keke say it never will ever end
Gots to keep flowing I'm a keep it going
Back in 92' I probably did kick your door in
Nigga lay it down lay it down you hoes lay it down
I reppin' for the South Side of that H-Town
Screwed Up Click until it's over with
AK with catch bag on my shoulder bitch
You will die fucking with that Ro
He ain't never been a bitch he ain't never been no ho
Don't know how to be a broad don't know how to be a mark
I put my bubbas on cause it just turned dark
Mashing on the gas pocket full of cash
Looking for a yellow bone bitch with big ass
I ain't disrespecting just telling the truth
Y'all know how I do it when I gets up in the booth
I'm a go hard 'til I chip my fucking tooth
In a fly murder 4 door of the coop
Yeah I get my paper yeah I get my bread
I don't give a damn what you bitch niggas done said
Talking down on me cause I'm a get my spread
I ain't tripping I'm in the kitchen whipping up a batch
Batch of them pies for all the time guys
Watching out for the FEDs they be in disguise
Looking like G's looking like ballers
Looking like true money making shot callers
But them boys laws yeah that's them folks
I ain't tripping cause I know it's hot on Post Oak
Back in the day I had a pocket full of rocks
24/7 365 around the clock
About to get paid stacking up my paper
I hit a lick & then it's time for me to lay low
In front of my screen on 360 playing Halo
Hoes'll drop it like it's hot when ever I say so
Cause I'm the man diamond on my hand
Got big bass in the back of the blue van
It's blue over gold the story been told
Benjamin Franklin Andrew Jackson in by billfold
My flow is real cold I ain't never been whacked
And thanks to Bun B & Pimp C I got 2 gold plaques
They hanging on my wall pimp I miss you dog
Bun B ride for that boy & make them crawl
Do it for the south & do it for the Hawk
And who ever don't like it keep my dick up in they mouth
I'm Screwed Up Click 'til they lay me in my casket
I ride around Houston with that plastic
Hand on my steel wood grain wheel
You can buy a Denali with the diamond on my grill
You can but an apartment with the diamonds on my wrist
And can't nobody do it like me cause I do it like this
Ain't never had love for a bitch
All I'm really trying to do is get rich
Trying to get my fucking bread baby
Ride in Mercedes I know a nigga hate me
But I don't give a damn nah I don't give a fuck
Riding on draped up 26's on my truck
Hell yeah bitch I know they large
Got 3 foreign cars in my garage
I never sabotage my fucking career
Had to make it clear & I shed another tear
But nigga I'm real bumper & the grill
When I do my music it's the music you can feel
Cause I'm just a G riding one deep
And every time I ride I ride with gun on seat
Watching out for jackers cause I know they scoping
Trying to leave a real niggas head wide open
Pulling down swangers cause they ain't clacking
I'm rolling on 20 inch 4's bitch what happening
Looking so fly I don't smoke fry
Got to be a G 'til the day that I die
That's my big homey boy that Lil' Ke
Boy you know I love you it's you & me
In this damn thing we gon' do it for Screw
And do it for the side & I'm a do it for you
And you gon' do it for me it's S.U.C
Screwed Up Click until I D I E
Nigga don't get me crunk watch me pop trunk
Smoking on kush ain't never seen skunk
Man I'm so throwed caught me in the zone
I don't give a fuck about you calling on my phone
I fucks with the stripper versace on my zipper
This the nigga Ro taper fade with the clipper
I brought my partner for my partner Paul
About to make a million dollars & buy the whole mall
Call that bitch Ro' Town & it's gon' go down
A couple of day from now I got a show in your town
And I'm a get paid & I'm a get laid
And every car I drive, candy paint gon' get sprayed
On the doors nigga & on the side dog
And I ain't scared I got Jesus on my side dog
Hit the church house & then go work out
And after that you it's time to pull the purp out
And I'm a roll one then I'm a smoke one
And I'm a roll one then I'm a smoke one
And I'm a roll one then I'm a smoke one
Now I'm out of my mind that's what that smoke done
But I'm a maintain still in the same game
But only thing ain't making the same change
I'm getting paid boy you better believe that
A Grammy on my shelf I'm a achieve that
Cause I can do it nigga even though you say I can't
But I don't give a fuck about y'all I'm about my bank
I hope you feel that bitch look at you
You could put your wig back ain't nobody will be missing you
You a ho nigga not a role nigga
Cause Z-Ro make more dough nigga
More versus more mixtapes more shows nigga
And I ain't ever at home I'm on the road nigga
I'm chasing fedi baby y'all ain't ready baby
Yeah I'm heavy like a motherfucking chevy baby
Or like a ford I'm built ford tough
Blowing on that real real purple purple stuff
Talking about that kush got it from the band though
Watch me come down with my pistol in my hand ho
Don't run up on me if you don't want to get shot
I'm a grab my remote & give it all that I got
Hold up man hold up
Bring that bitch back


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