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DOLLY PARTON - When Love Is New Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:When Love Is New
Year: Length:317 sec

Lyricist: Dolly Parton


love is pretty when love is new
like a blushing rose in a dazzling dew
intoxicating like cherry sweet wine
when love is new it's magic

Mother,oh,mother why can't you see
He's the only love for me
Why must thou be opposed to me
Cause i'm asking for thy blessing

Daughter,oh,daughter i know he's kind
You think he's handsome and you think he's fine
But he'll use your body and tangle your mind
Too late you'll learn this lesson

(repeat chours)

when love grow old it's tragic

Mother,oh,mother,he's not that way
His touch just takes my breath away
You surely remember when you felt that way
When you and father first married

Oh yes i do remember it well
What first was heaven soon turned to hell
He left with another the year you was born
But i told you he's dead and buried

(repeat chours)

He'll love me true cause he told my so
He'll break your heart when the love grows old
I love him so,i love him so
Then i pray your new love's lasting

Love is pretty when love is new
Like a blushing rose in a dazzling dew
Shines like diamond and silver and gold
When love is new it's magic
When love grows old it's tragic

(repeat chours once)


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