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Nana Mouskouri - Just A Ribbon Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Just A Ribbon
Album:I ll Remember YouGenres:Pop
Year:2005 Length:235 sec


He gave to me a silver ring
To wear upon my hand
But I turned away
And he heard me saying
'Oh!He doesn't, he doesn't understand'

I don't need riches to make me care
Just a ribbon for my hair

He gave me two golden hearts
To wear upon my ears
But I turned from him
So he could not see
My eyes, my eyes were filled with tears

He tought I was unhappy
But he could not fight no more
So he bought me just a ribbon
For a penny at the store

He bought me just a ribbon blue
To wear in my hair
Then I pressed my lips
To his fingerstips
Saying 'Now, now I know you care

I don't need riches to make me care


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