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Connells - Motel Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Fun & GamesGenres:Pop
Year: Length:220 sec


There isn't room in the Inn The keeper wouldn't be my friend I could tell in his eye He'd never change his mind So, I'm left to walk in the cold The light of day is growing old But who's to blame Neither rain nor shine Chorus: That's why this is the best of me Giving up... This is the rest of me And I've had quite enough This is the best of me Giving up... You've seen enough of me To know that it's tough That is me in a scene Father, he is tall ans so serene I said I'd believe I declare a proven sigh Then I'm alone facing the snow The rain falls hard and is blowing cold I said I'd believe When hell had frozen over (repeat chorus) But who's to believe That what I've seen really isn't true (repeat first verse) (repeat chorus)


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