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Donna Summer - Dinner with Gershwin Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Dinner with Gershwin
Album:The Journey-the Very Best ofGenres:Disco
Year:2004 Length:388 sec


I want to have dinner with Gershwin
I want to watch Rembrandt sketch
I want to talk theory with Curie
Impossible I guess

I want to talk moods with Picasso
On a rendez vous
I want to fly double with Earhart
I want to get next to you
Next to you

So close
Just as close as I can get
The rain of your worry
Can't affect
What I feel is what I feel
One touch
Of your greatness
Is what I need
My circle of fantasy
Would be complete

I want to sing hymns with Mahalia
When the day is through
I want to tell you about it
I want to get next to you
Next to you.


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