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Donna Fargo - Happiest Girl In The Whole Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Happiest Girl In The Whole
Album:The Best of Donna FargoGenres:Country
Year:2018 Length:153 sec


Good Morning Morning, Hello Sunshine
wake Up Sleepyhead
why'd We Move That Beau-Jangle Clock So Far Away From The Bed
just One More Minute, That's Why We Moved It
one More Hug Or Two
do You Love Waking Up Next To Me
as Much As I Love Waking Up Next To You

you Make The Coffee , I'll Make The Bed
i'll Fix Your Lunch And You Fix Mine
now Tell Me The Truth, Do These Old Shoes Look Funny
honey It's Almost Time Now
you Be Careful, Gotta Go
i Love You, Have A Beautiful Day
and Kiss The Happiest Girl In The Whole Usa

skippedee-Dooda, Thank You Lord
for Making Him For Me.
and Thank You For Letting Life
turn Out The Way That I Always Thought It Could Be!
there Once Was A Time When I Could Not Imagine
how It Would Feel To Say
i'm The Happiest Girl In The Whole Usa.

shine On Me Sunshine
walk With Me World
it's A Skippedee-Dooda Day!
i'm The Happiest Girl In The Whole Usa.


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