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JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY - I Swear Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:I Swear
Album:John Michael Montgomery - Greatest HitsGenres:Country
Year:1994 Length:265 sec

Lyricist: John Michael Montgomery


i see the questions in your eyes
i know what's weighing on your mind
but you can be sure i know my part
cuz i stand beside you through the years
you only cry those happy tears
and though i make mistakes, i'll never break your heart

i swear
by the moon and the stars in the sky
i'll be there
i swear
like the shadow that's by your side
i'll be there
for better or worse
til death do us part
i'll love you w/ every beat of my heart
i swear

i'll give you everything i can
i'll build your dreams w/ these two hands
we'll hang some mem'ries on the wall
and when there's silver in your hair
you won't have to ask if i still care
cuz as time turns the page
my love won't age at all

chorus x2
i swear


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