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ROGER DALTREY - Its a Hard Life Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Its a Hard Life
Album:Best Of Rockers & BalladsGenres:Classic Rock
Year:1991 Length:197 sec

Lyricist: Roger Daltrey


Without Your Love
Roger Daltrey

You can show me the way
Give me a sunny day
What does it mean without your love
And if I could travel far
If I could touch the stars
Where would I be without your love
Whenever I get into pieces down and down
I think about what you're sadness I gave out
If I could fly away
If I could sail today
Where would I go
Without your love
And if I ever wonder who** way too far
We come looking for your open arms
I could get my home
Feel like a rolling stone
How could I be without your love
And does it mean without your love
Where would I be

** No consegui entender minha prpria letra....


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