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Song:(1955) Sun 232-B ''Folsom Prison Blues'' Johnny Cash & The Tennessee Two
Album:At Folsom PrisonGenres:Country
Year:2010 Length:168 sec


I Hear The Train A Comin'; It's Rollin' 'round The Bend,
and I Ain't Seen The Sunshine Since I Don't Know When.
i'm Stuck At Folsom Prison And Time Keeps Draggin' On.
but That Train Keeps Rollin' On Down To San Antone.

when I Was Just A Baby, My Mama Told Me, 'son,
always Be A Good Boy; Don't Ever Play With Guns.'
but I Shot A Man In Reno, Just To Watch Him Die.
when I Hear That Whistle Blowin' I Hang My Head And Cry.

i Bet There's Rich Folk Eatin' In A Fancy Dining Car.
they're Probably Drinkin' Coffee And Smokin' Big Cigars,
but I Know I Had It Comin', I Know I Can't Be Free,
but Those People Keep A Movin', And That's What Tortures Me.

well, If They Freed Me From This Prison, If That Railroad Train Was Mine,
i Bet I'd Move On Over A Little Farther Down The Line,
far From Folsom Prison, That's Where I Want To Stay,
and I'd Let That Lonesome Whistle Blow My Blues Away.


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