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Donell Jones - Shorty Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Where I Wanna BeGenres:Other
Year:1999 Length:192 sec


yeah... whoo-whoo...

whoo-whoo... hoo... yeah

listen baby

up in the place

i see you gettin down

i came up to look at ya

now your the baddest thing i've seen tonite

so come on girl let's put it in fly

i've got the V-one two 6-0-0

sittin outside of the door

so bring it on

by the way your body is placefull

and it's a little some that i probably crave for


it's a quarter past three girl

what's it gonna be girl

shorty got her eyes on me

we've been talkin since two girl

what cha gonna do

tell'em that your ridin' with me

it's a quarter past three girl

what's it gonna be

shorty got her eyes on me

you've been frontin since two girl

what cha gonna do

i'll be chillin at the other seat... what


i was watchin your move

i started to fantasize about the way

i'm gonna put it on ya tonite

so come on and ride shotgun

i got the bubbles

if you like it we could pop some

i see me and you flossin in my coop

maybe we could tear back the roof and get it on

then i see your body is placefull

i like the little thing 'round you navel, baby



all i know is

that i'm not leavin here alone, yah

now you might be the badest in the club to me

but shorty got it bad

and wanna fly with me tonite

so wha cha gonna do(wha cha gonna do)

is it goin tah be me and you

you gotta stop playin games

girl, you gotta stop fakin......



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