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Howard Shore - Track 14 Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Track 14
Album:The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The KingGenres:Soundtrack
Year: Length:206 sec

Lyricist: Howard Shore


Edrochant E Forth He Rode
na Nagor, In To Battle.
ed Nan Gurth. Forth In To Death.
a E Gladhant And He Laughed.
an E Naun Ad Neth For He Was Young Again.
a Naun Aran And He Was King.
hir Gwaith Beleg. The Lord Of A Great People.
elo! And Lo!
sui Orthant Vegil N Even As Raised His Sword
vi las Beleg In Great Joy,
ortholl Gurth. Death Came On.
anann Si Lostar Long Now They Sleep
nu Lae Vi Ngondor Under Grass In Gondor.
s Lostar Na Hr Veleg Sleep Now By The Great River,
mithren Sui Nr, Thiliol Celebren Grey As Tears, Gleaming Silver,
ta Geliant Caran, Red Then It Rolled,
prinnen Na Hereg Dyed With Their Blood.
lachant Ned Annn Flamed At Sunset;
rianner I Eryd The Mountains Burned;
sui Ros Garan Dannant As Red Dew Fell
or Pheli Pelennor On The Fields Of Pelennor.


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