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Song:A Home In Heaven
Album:Hey, Good Lookin' December 1950 - July 195Genres:Country
Year: Length:151 sec


Recorded by hank williams sr. and audrey williams

Written by hank wiliams sr.

A-[a] round me [e7] many are [a] building

[d] homes of beauty and [a] wealth

But [d] what of a home in [a] heaven

Where will you [e7] live after [a] death


Are you [d] building a home in [a] heaven

To live in when this life is [e7] oer

Will you [a] move to that [d] beautiful [a] city

And live with [e7] christ ever [a] more.

Long is the [d] road that leads [a] you

To that beautiful home up [e7] there

Is [a] work on your [d] home com-[a] pleted

Death may [e7] be lingering [a] near.

Are you ready [d] for his [a] coming

Have you been true all a-[e7] long

Have you [a] finished your [d] building in [a] glory

Will you move to this [e7] heavenly [a] home.


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