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Bad Religion - Incomplete Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Stranger than FictionGenres:Punk
Year: Length:150 sec


(Brett Gurewitz)
Look at your little monster
I'm a hero
I'm a zero
I'm the butt of the worst joke in history
I'm a lock without a key
a city with no door
a prayer without faith
a show without a score
I'm a bad word
a wink, a nod, a shiver
a untold story, sex without fury
a creeping gray memory,
I am
Incomplete, Incomplete, Incomplete
Cure me
What is the cause of my condition
This madness shoots me
Like bullets smashing glass in a silent movie
I'm a trap without a spring,
a temple with no god
a jack without an ace,
the tip of your tounge,
I'm a promise, an unmailed letter,
an unbuit motor, deck without a joker,
a creeping gray memory
I am
Incomplete, Incomplete, Incomplete
Tell Saint Peter not to bet on me
I've got a naked obsession
a good intention gone bad
I am
Incomplete, Incomplete, Incomplete


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