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Song:Mark Chesnutt - I'm In Love With A Married Woman
Album:VOLUME 23Genres:Country
Year:2008 Length:207 sec


We Sit Alone In The Darkest Corner
waitress Comes And Takes Our Order
and She Looks At Us So Suspiciously
it's Plain To See That We're Lovers
tryin' To Be Alone With Each Other
it's So Hard For Us To Break Free
she Whispers Softly I Love You
this Ain't Your Average Rendezvous

cause I'm In Love With A Married Woman
i Don't Care, I Don't Care Who Know It
i'm In Love With A Married Woman
on Her Left Hand There's A Wedding Band
that She Wears Faithfully
and I Thank God She's Married To Me

no Cheap Hotel Where We'll Check-In
no Other Lives We'll Be Wreckin'
with Alibis To Hide A Cheaters Kiss
cause If There's Lipstick On My Collar
you Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar
it's The Color She Wears On Nights Like This
every Friday Here At Five
i Try To Keep The Fire Alive


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