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Song:Scared of Yourself - Peter Luts Remix - Radio Edit
Album:4 Million Minutes Of ZornikGenres:Rock
Year: Length:209 sec


Album: One-Armed Bandit
Track: 02

You reach for pain
you reach for fear
you reach for everything
but nothing ever comes your way

And I'm not lying
And you always complain about the way I behave without you

And last night I had a dream
about it
And it's very hard to stay faithful
to a dream of you

Think about the lies
that we told to each other
we never bothered
What a big surprise
that you're scared of yourself
and alone all again

You reach for me
you reach for us
you reach for everything
but nothing ever comes my way

But you
you are nothing but a state of mind
from the start until the end



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