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Song:Johnny Bristol - Hang On In There Baby
Album:100 Hits 70s PopGenres:Pop
Year:2009 Length:200 sec

Lyricist: 09


Hang in there, baby, gonna make love tonight
Don't be afraid, love will make it alright
Don't hide your fear, gonna hold you tight
Oh, we've almost got it made
Now that we've caressed and kissed so warm and tender
I can't wait till we reach that sweet moment of surrender
We'll heat the thunder roar, feel the lightning strike
At the point we both decided to meet at the same time tonight

Hang on in there, baby
Hang on in there, darling
I'm gonna give you more than you ever dreamed possible
Don't be afraid, baby
We can't help but make it, cause there's true love between us, girl
So let us touch that cloud every girl dreams of
Oh, we're almost there, darling, we're truly making love

Hang on in there, baby
Please don't let me down
Please don't destroy this new joy we've found
What's that now, baby, what's that you say
It's only natural and it's hard to get away
Don't fight it, baby, open up the door
Cause that's the key to the freedom that we've both been fighting for
Let go, baby, let it go, baby
Right there, baby, don't you move it,
don't you dare...


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