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Song:Oh No
Album:The TruthGenres:Hip Hop Music
Year:2005 Length:127 sec


[O.G. Ron C - Talking]Uh, Swishahouse[Chorus - Chamillionaire](So throwed)I swared we don' told y'all niggaz beforeYou must be deaf if you think we ain't gettin' noWith the remote screens fallin' trunk blowsStep up in the club starched down but stay flowedFrom that North to the South PoleRon C chop it up, make it slow-Check, LookThe block gets..bled red like a leg in a ant bedMy twanks make a crippled girl turn her damn headHakim' cause a scene when I drop my screensGot more green then mean green sippin' a green cup of leanin a green limousine, I impress myselfMight spit game to a nun just to test myselfWon't pour up a fo'Sho' I'll throw up the fo'Fa'sho I'll show up to fourAnd bleeh blow up the showWhoa!, ice bright manLike a night-light man[oh No lyrics on]Ice white like the head-lights on a white vanAs bright as a white manWith a light tanIce bright as the skin on Michael Jackson's right hand, niggaGoddamn ohh! I impress myselfI'm so throwed I need a catchers mit to catch myselfHow much you niggaz wanna bet you'll never get my wealthI'll rather play a solo game of dice and bet myselfWhoa hold up Ron C I just done won me a GLucky me I'm the nigga that wannabe's wannabei'm tellin' ya, ohh nigga I impress myselfSo many hoes on my dick I gotta stretch my beltNigga ya better go handcuff ya honey dip quickMy lips don' touched mo' female lips then lipstickMy car got more butter then a bunch of biscuitsI get chicks while you get dissed and get dismissedI get kissed like I was under missle toe on christmasPaul Wall don' got diamonds embroidered on his kicksRon C is using platinum turntables for this mixI walk around with a chain that's bigger then slick ricksWarfare and lick 6 we never ride Rav 4Ride Ac or Jag or maybe a black fordRidin' round with a gat on the damn dashboardOh No!, sab war comin' in through the backdoor


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