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Song:Where is the Love
Album:Look What You Did To MeGenres: 
Year: Length:252 sec


Where is the love - 2x
Nobody loves me, but I prefer to keep it like that
most friends are falsified trying to steal out your stack
So I keep my partnas to a minimum
even though I know half can't be trusted
The only feeling in the world might steal your girl
if I know flesh was lusted
Nigga now who was to blame for the pain cause f**king with me nigga
you get sprayed
Hardheaded that's like f**king a bitch with no condom
And knowing that hoe
got aids, better be smart, better keep your distance
Ain't got elements from loose leaf pages
I'm going off in the rage of furious chambers of twin gauges
My calico murders offending my
mind and my mind is so ready to click
Better freeze, better not breathe all I want is the money
you dead if you twitch, cause I'm a killa that's killing for cash
I show no car crash when I'm
stealing your stash
Don't fill in the streets because I'm too fast
But never revealing what's
under my mask
I'm making a dash, I jump in the Hoover and I smash
With a foot on the gas and then
I'm off in the night
A nigga was buried alive
But he really should of died dig him up his coffin
too tight
A nigga was showing a busta love, but now it's hunting for a busta season
And he can't
be the reason, to run in your crib and leave you bleeding
[Chorus - 4x]
The question
at hand is
Where's your motherf**king love
I'ma do like that boy Al D said
I'm showing love
to the ones that showed love back
F**k friends, so Mexican D, Grady
You know where your love

I was raised to


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