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Bruce Springsteen - -06 State Trooper Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:-06 State Trooper
Year:2010 Length:191 sec


New Yersey Turnpike Ridin' On A Wet Night 'neath The Refinery's Glow, Out Where The Great Black Rivers Flow
license, Registration, I Ain't Got None, But I Got A Clear Conscience
'bout The Things That I Done
mister State Trooper Please Don't Stop Me...

maybe You Got A Kid Maybe You Got A Pretty Wife, The Only Thing That I Got's Been Botherin' Me My Whole Life
mister State Trooper Please Don't Stop Me

in The Wee Wee Hours Your Mind Gets Hazy, Radio Relay Towers Lead Me To My Baby
radio's Jammed Up With Talk Show Stations
it's Just Talk, Talk, Talk Till You Lose Your Patience
mister State Trooper Please Don't Stop Me

hey Somebody Out There, Listen To My Last Prayer
hi Ho Silver-O Deliver Me From Nowhere


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