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Bee Gees - -10 Bee Gees - Words Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:-10 Bee Gees - Words
Album:One Night OnlyGenres:Pop
Year:2014 Length:197 sec


Smile An Everlasting Smile, A Smile Can Bring You
near To Me.
don't Ever Let Me Find You Gone, Cause That Would
bring A Tear To Me.
this World Has Lost Its Glory, Let's Start A Brand
new Story Now, My Love.
right Now, There'll Be No Other Time And I Can Show
you How, My Love.

talk In Everlasting Words, And Dedicate Them All To
and I Will Give You All My Life, I'm Here If You
should Call To Me.
you Think That I Don't Even Mean A Single Word I
it's Only Words, And Words Are All I Have, To Take
your Heart Away


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