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Rod Stewart - Love Touch Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Love Touch
Album:The Story So Far: The Very Best Of Rod Stewart (2CD)Genres:Rock
Year:2001 Length:235 sec


Oh, baby I don't know why
But sometimes I always seem to get
Tangled up in my pride
But, oh, baby we're not that blind
Deep down inside you know
This love's worth one more try

Don't push it all aside

'Cause I wanna be good for you
I didn't mean to be bad
But darling I'm still the best
That you ever had
Just give me a chance
To let me show you how much
I wanna give you my love touch, love touch

Why can't I climb your walls
And find someplace to hide
Can't I knock down your door
And drag myself inside
I'll light your candles, baby
And maybe I'll light your life

I wanna feel the breathless end
You come to every night
This ever changing love
Is pushing me too far
I feel the need to reach you
Right now wherever you are

These empty arms are getting stronger
Every day, believe me, baby
They won't let you get away
No, they won't let you get away


You know it don't matter
Who's right or who's wrong
Think we're gonna find out
If this love is strong
Just give me a chance
To win back your trust
I wanna give you my love touch, love touch

Ooh you're gonna get a, ooh you're gonna get a big love touch


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