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Hank Williams - May You Never Be Alone Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:May You Never Be Alone
Album:Settin the Woods on FireGenres:Country
Year: Length:168 sec


Recorded by hank williams, sr.
Words and music by hank williams, sr.

Capo: 2nd fret key: e play: d
Like a [d] bird that's [d7] lost it's mate in [g] flight
I'm a-[a7] lone and oh, so blue to-[d] night
Like a piece of [d7] driftwood on the [g] sea
May you [a7] never be alone like [d] me.

I believed the [d7] lies you told to [g] me
When you [a7] whispered, 'dear, I worship [d] thee!'
Now here am [d7] I alone and [g] blue
All be-[a7] cause I loved no one but [d] you.

I gave up my [d7] friends, I left my [g] home
When you [a7] promised to be mine a-[d] lone
Now you're gone, our [d7] love could never [g] be
May you [a7] never be alone like [d] me.

In the bible, [d7] god's own words do [g] say
For [a7] ev'ry wrong some day you'll [d] pay
I pray the [d7] lord to set me [g] free
May you [a7] never be alone like [d] me.


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