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Song:Kim Wilde 1986 02 Hit Him
Album:Kim Wilde 1986 Another StepGenres:Pop
Year:1986 Length:213 sec

Lyricist: Kim Wilde


Written By O.s. Blandamer

too Much Time Talking At Each Other
seems You've Got A Different Point Of View
lets Just Relax
get Down To Basic Facts
i'll Tell You Just Exactly What To Do
you Want The Car, Oh Yeah
well Every Penny In My Pocket Isn't Yours, My Friend
i'm Gonna Do What My Mama Says, She Said

hit Him, Hit Him In The Heart
that's Where It's Gonna Hurt
hit Him, Hit Him In The Heart
don't Let Him Treat You Like Dirt

i Don't Wanna Sound Like In Complaining
but What's It Got To Do With Love At All
it's A Private Deal
painful And So Real
you Make Me Feel Like I Just Want To Crawl
what's Yours Is Yours, Oh Yeah
if You Want To Get Your Bags
well I'll Leave Them In The Wall
i'm Gonna Do What My Mama Says, She Said

you've Been Spreading Rumours All About Me
but All These Things You Said Are Just Not True
sticks And Stones
can Break My Bones
but Boy They're Gonna Hurt You Too
i've Got My Pride, Oh Yeah
so I'll Just Take Your Heart And Beat It Black And Blue
i'm Gonna Do What My Mama Said, She Said . . .


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