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Song:Kim Wilde 1986 12 How Do You Want My Love
Album:Kim Wilde 1986 Another StepGenres:Pop
Year:1986 Length:237 sec

Lyricist: Kim Wilde


It's Good To Meet You - How You Doin'
i Haven't Seen Your Face Before
yeah I'm Alone Here - Noticed You The Minute
you Walked Through The Door

it's Getting Late And So Much Time Is Wasted
dancing On The Floor
and Making Small Talk
i've Been Through That Before
how Do You Want My Love

you Know They Told Me - Keep Your Distance
got To Play Love By The Rules
and I Believed Them Wound Up Losing
love Left Me For A Fool

i Know I'm Not The Only One
who Knows What Love Can Do
it's In Your Eyes
you've Been Hurt The Same Way Too

how Do You Want My Love
how Do You Want My Love Tonight
how Do You Want My Love
how Do You Want My Love Tonight

here With You I Can Smile Away The Pain
make Believe I Can Fall In Love Again
won't You Tell Me Your Name
how Do You Want My Love

the Party's Over - There's People Leaving
friend Saying Their Goodbyes
so Come On Over - I'll Make You Coffee
no Need To End The Night


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