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Song:Kim Wilde 1988 08 European Soul
Album:Kim Wilde 1988 CloseGenres:Pop
Year:1988 Length:321 sec

Lyricist: Kim Wilde


I Want To Tell You Of A Place That I Recall
where You're Drawn By The Seduction
and The Beauty Of It All
you Can Step Into Another World
of Poetry And Dreams
in A Land Of Mystery

images Dance, Translucent Colours Seem To Shine
they're A Ghostly Recollection
of Another Space And Time
i Imagine I Can Hear Their Voices Calling Me
to The Land Of Mystery

where The Russian Heart Is Strong
like The Beating Of A Drum
where The Magic Lingers On
and The Fight For Truth Is Won
deep In The European Soul

and Love's Eternal Flame Was Burning Deep Inside
it Was The Purest Inspiration
that He Never Tried To Hide
when You See The Lovers Floating
you Can Almost Hear Them Sigh
as You Watch Them Dancing
up Into The Sky

the World's Realities Are Not To Be Denied
but Must We Keep Destroying All Our Fantasies
it's Hard To Look Beyond When Terror Fills Our Eyes
we Mustn't Give Up Trying To Let Our Dreams Survive

i Touch The Paintings With The Fingers Of My Heart
like A Supernatural Love Affair That's Just About To Start
but There'll Always Be The Hidden Dreams I'll Never See
in A Land Of Mystery


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