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BELL BIV DEVOE - Nickel Lyrics - Zortam Music
Album:Hootie MackGenres:Rock/Pop
Year: Length:197 sec


You ask me why I say why
That anything is possible
Anything can be
Therefore for tonight
I'll get you hot
You feel the passion
You never dreamed

And I know you feel
I'm overconfident
What kind of man could I be
It's clear to see
It's like animal attraction
When you add it up, it's just
A matter of fractions, girl

There's something in
Your eyes that told me
That you were looking for
A man that you could adore
There's something in your eyes
That give me a sign
And I knew it was on
I knew it was on

You think you were right
I say you're wet
I can make it possible
I can make it true
And all night long
I'll make you sweat
Gonna do a feeling
A little past overdue

And I knew you think
Why so much confidence
What kind of man must I be
It's clear to see it's
Like adding and subtracting
When you add it up
It's just animal attraction

[Repeat CHORUS 2x]

So when I get excited
And make you wet
I'll lick you dry
We make your body weak
From all the body heat
Then like a lion
You hit me running

Then when I feed it to your body
Make that body eight weeks ago
I'll take you to the peak
I'll make you want to scream
And like a lion you'll
Hear my body roaring, roaring
Roaring, roaring, roar


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