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SUBLIME - Thanx Dub Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Thanx Dub
Album:Second Hand SmokeGenres:Alternative & Punk
Year: Length:389 sec


Hey, up to Jimi Hendrix, to Beer, the Sonic Lizard, the Rape Man. How about Bob Marley, Bob Dobbs, and Bob Forrest, to all those punker sluts, to Eek-a-Mouse, Tom for lettin' us practice and crashin', chilling, and partying all night, Peni, Fugazi, Rhino '59, Greek1, the Last Puriah's, and Naomis' Hair. How about the Butthole Surfers, and Frank Zappa? ANB, Big Drill Car, Bert Suzanka and all the Ziggens' around the world, to Jack the Third, to Julia Parker

We gotta say thank you to the entire hip-hop community, especially the man they call Just ICE, Kris Parker, more commonly known as KRS-One for 'nuff inspiration, D-Nice, Queen Latifah, Shelly Dundre, the motherfucking trigger-happy Geto Boys and Public Enemy Number 1, NWA and the man they call Ice Cube and the goddamn Lench Mob. Don't let me forget Cypress Hill and the whole Southgate Posse - You guys are in the house


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