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Uriah Heep - A Right To Live Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:A Right To Live
Album:Easy Livin' - The Singles A's & B'sGenres:Hard Rock
Year:2006 Length:214 sec


I must thank lordIn my hour of needI've given way to a better manBut I ain't been freeTo push the hour hereIn this soul of mineI've burned my bridgesAnd I'm satisfiedThe preacher's due hereIn an hour or soTo give me reasons forThe things I knowI might have been careless and iI might have been blindIf I'm the guilty, I'm satisfiedOh woman, why did youDo me wrong? Sending me down andI just can??t get alongWhen daybreak comes andI've reached the end of the lineI have a right to liveAnd I'm left to dieIt all seems so hazy nowIt seems so long agoShe hid the things she'd doneOr things I should knowWhat was I to do forThe hurting here insideI kill for love but the ...I have a right to liveWhen I'm left to dieOh, womanI have a right to live ...


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