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Agnostic Front - Dead to Me Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Dead to Me
Year:2007 Length:136 sec


I just can't believe you
Turned and stabbed my back
I'm still in disbelief
I fell into that trap

I put my trust in you
You played me like a fool
This time you went to far
I turn my back on you

You're everything I hate
Dead to me
You dug yourself into a grave
Dead to me
It's my turn to walk away
Dead to me
There's nothing left to say
Cause you're - Dead to me

Don't say you had my back
That's just another lie
I called you on your bluff
Now our time is up
When push comes to shove it
I always showed you love
I turn my back on you

No heart, no loyalty - for me
No trust, no empathy - for me
Where have you been'
Where have you been!
Talking to your friends, again
Behind my back
Die with your sins!
Die with your sins! my friend
You're dead to me!


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