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Album:Success Hasn't Spoiled Me YetGenres:Rock
Year:1981 Length:200 sec


Hettie's working, but she's watching the clock
She's in the backroom counting stock
And down in a warehouse out by the dock
Jessie's lifting crates and breaking rock

But when the whistle blows to end the daily fight
And the working forces turn out the light
Jessie takes that little girl and he holds her tight
As her day fades away, he says 'We're all that matters tonight'

Tonight's the night, I know I'm right
And heart to heart we'll make it tonight
So hold me tight, and love me right
We'll work and wait for tomorrow tonight

Hettie comes like an angel and takes his hand
Jessie says 'Baby, I've got a plan'
He says 'I wanna get married and make a stand
But there's just one thing you gotta understand'

Under the pressure we're livin' and the daily fight
Could hurt us in time if our prospective ain't right
So shut the door and put out the light
And baby be here, because we're all that matters tonight


Break your back from nine to five, sweatin' bad just to stay alive
But at home to the harbour light, safe and warm, it meant so right, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight

chorus repeats out



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