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David Lee Roth - Elephant Gun Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Elephant Gun
Album:Eat 'Em & SmileGenres:Metal
Year: Length:147 sec

Lyricist: David Lee Roth


Every inch of you looks like a lady
So don't get caught here in the city at nite
And if you wanna take a chance and go down crazy
I sell protection for a price

Well, call it love or call it murder
This is the crime of the century
No, don't point that thing on me

All in all my aim is better
Shots as clean as a mean goal-getter
A bad man on the run
I'm gonna be your dark stranger
Contact man 'tween you and danger
I'll protect you baby with my elephant gun

Every minute counts and you play both sides of the law
Mm, these dangorous days
Mean nine lives doin' anything at all
A lot of folks been blown away





Don't try to use that thing on me


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