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Underoath - Writing on the Walls Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Writing on the Walls
Album:Define the Great Line (CD & DVD)Genres: 
Year: Length:178 sec

Lyricist: Underoath


Someone please turn the lights back on
I've been wandering in here for days
This could act it out search for you had to be:
Something I can't fix here
Something I cant change
But thats the problem
We never speak to loud
Look close at the walls, Oh Can't you see
I can't quite remember

Feels like the first time, i didnt say enough
This was the only time I kept him close enough

Embrace your self
Come on embrace your self

They're not waken
They're not waking up
They're not waken
They're not waking up
(Oh my god)
Oh my god, I hate the me that i've become
This sinning is what's, killing me
I can't be the me
The me that i've woke up to be

Don't stop breathing
The walls have just began to spin
Just let the water calm you this time
Its all around you just open your eyes and take a look
He'll never kill you not this time
Don't stop breathing
Just let the water calm you
Don't stop breathing no not this time
Its all around you
Its all around you
Its surrounds us
"For all I care"
Right Now
Lights out, random breathing
I cant keep swimming, Can't keep my head up


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