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NEXT - Admit The Rat Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Admit The Rat
Album:Rated NextGenres:General R&B
Year: Length:118 sec


I got a story
Bout all these rats
All the sewer rats
All these gun rats
Im talkin bout all these gold diggen rats
These hood rats
My grandmothers a rat
She's just an old school rat
My mothers a rat
She's just a high class rat
My sisters rats
She's just a middle class rat
My cousins rats
They just low class rats
Im tired of rats tryin to get into my boyz pockets
Im tired of rats tryin to ride around in my cars
Im tired of rats talkin all that jibber jabber to their friends
But ond day these rats are gonna be straight
No diss to rats
Cuz there are some rats that I love too
My message to you today is admit the rat in you
To all women admitt the rat in you
Admit the rat in you
Admit the rat in you
Admit the rat in you


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