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The Rascals - Me And My Friends Lyrics - Zortam Music
Song:Me And My Friends
Album:Rascals - Freedom SuiteGenres:Rock & Roll
Year: Length:164 sec

Lyricist: The Rascals


Me and my friends are gonna say what must be known
Me and my friends are gonna show what must be shown
We got together with one purpose in our mind
To let the truth out which is often left behind

Me and my friends are not afraid of what we say
The word 'reality' gets bigger every day
And if people are afraid of the truth
It seems the only ones who want it are the youth

There's so much hatred and confusion
And heads are filled with disillusion

Me and my friends are gonna shout it loud and clear
To all the people who think young enough to hear
The time has come to take a stand for unity
And make this world the kind of place it's meant to be



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